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QT News Service brings you up-to-the-minute U.S. and world news headlines, government reports, weather, and market updates directly from our trading floor sources and research rooms. QT News provides not only information but understanding of what the information means. Fundamental, technical, comprehensive, and instantaneous: QT News gathers all the essential information required and distributes it to where you need it..desktop or mobile. Our industry experts break it down in their daily QT Market Audio Commentaries on what is making the markets move today....and tomorrow.

Dow Jones News is available to all QTPlus customers. Dow Jones Commodity Wire provides market commentary, price reports and statistics for grain, meat, metals, energy, weather, financial, currency, economy, stocks and more. Dow Jones Commodity delivers news, commentary and insight with unrivaled speed and unquestionable accuracy and depth. Built on a global reporting network of nearly 2,000 journalists.

TraderWire is the core for all DJ packages aimed at market professionals and producers. TraderWire go beyond a general overview of the markets by including more than 100 additional value-added reports from DJ staff, Global Weather Services and partner publications such as The Wall Street Journal. Extra coverage includes exclusive interviews, advanced market commentary, and fundamental and technical analysis.

AgriWire include’s all of DJ's vast agricultural coverage - news, market commentary, price reports and statistics - all packed into this rich package. In addition,they add general news and global crop weather from GWS. The result is a content set covering fiber (cotton, forestry), food (coffee, cocoa, sugar, citrus dairy), grains and oilseeds, livestock; meat and the USDA and other bodies of local and international importance.

CommodityWire brings together the unique elements from all of the above packages. CommodityWire is the most comprehensive package of its kind and includes every item in the DJ TraderWire and all segment-specific material from the specialty wires. It even includes high-value material available nowhere else, such as the DJ Weekly Retail Meat survey and analysis.

“Three For The Price Of One”

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QT Market Center is a comprehensive, online, real-time commodity quote and charting platform with order entry. QT has integrated its diverse market-focused product line into one user-friendly system, giving users the ability to access all the information they need to make informed business decisions. Create your own custom quote screens; access the latest news, government reports, and weather; and get the inside scoop from seasoned market professionals — all for one small monthly fee.

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