Market Center: Web Based Access to the Markets

Market Center is a web based real-time commodity quote and charting platform with order entry capabilities. Market Center is designed for the professional trader, yet is easy to use. Traders can access the market from virtually any computer or mobile device that has internet access and browser software.

  • Fixed Quote Displays: Market Center has incorporated a preset quotes page with fixed settings for ease of use. From the quotes page, users can quickly trigger an option or chart screen. View the overview page of all the markets or more detailed page for each commodity category.
  • Custom Quote Displays:The custom quotes page allows users to create their own quote screen to view only the specific contracts they would like to follow. Users can open an options chain or chart directly from this screen with one click. From this page, grain elevators can enter their basis into the quote monitor and receive a live updating cash price. You can also manage your custom quote page on your mobile phone on the “mobile” tab.
  • Charting Package: Market Center provides a variety of chart formats including bar, continuous, candlestick, and spread charting. Includes monthly, weekly, daily, and intraday.
  • Technical Analysis: Market Center studies include moving average, Parabolic, RSI, Stochastic, Volume, Oscillators, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and more. Quote pages can be linked to quotes for instant charting and analysis.
  • Options Analysis: Integrated options analysis with real-time volatility, delta, and greeks.
  • Order Entry: Market Center products are configurable to include order entry capability. (Including Smart Phone and Tablet) that allows you to trade online with your existing brokerage.

     Market Center: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

QT Market Center Pro is our most advanced web based product (click left) which includes a complete charting package, and options pricing.

QT Tablet is designed for mobility and still includes some of the most popular capabilities of the desktop system. (click left)

QT Mobile provides real-time snapshot pricing, basic charting, news and a very low price.

Market Center Features

“Three For The Price Of One”

QT Desktop - Smartphone - Tablet

Create your own custom quote screens; access the latest news, government reports, and weather; and get the inside scoop from seasoned market professionals — all for one small monthly fee.

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