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Tools for Managing Commodity Risk

Technova Group has been a provider of commodity trading software to agribusiness for more than 25 years. Through the QT Plus Java based software products, and QT Market Center web based products we can supply comprehensive trading platforms providing real-time data, a library of charting and analytic tools, combined with the leading providers of commodity news services. In addition, Technova provides a multitude of supporting services for real-time mobile, website development, and messaging services that increases the value of your market data.

Commodity Market Data

  • QT real-time commodity quotes provide instantaneous price updates 24/7.
  • QT News brings you up-to-the-minute U.S. and world news headlines and market updates.
  • QT Weather meteorologists deliver market-relevant weather information daily.

Customer Support

Technova has built a reputation of high quality trading software and reliable support. Technova has always placed customer support as a top priority to our clients. We are committed to providing the best support possible each market day.

“Three For The Price Of One”

QT Desktop - Smartphone - Tablet

QT Market Center is a comprehensive, online, real-time commodity quote and charting platform with order entry. QT has integrated its diverse market-focused product line into one user-friendly system, giving users the ability to access all the information they need to make informed business decisions. Create your own custom quote screens; access the latest news, government reports, and weather; and get the inside scoop from seasoned market professionals — all for one small monthly fee.

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